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Most buyers will need to get a mortgage as part of the home ownership process. With any mortgage, there will be periodical payments to be made (bi-weekly, monthly, etc...). The amount of this payment will vary depending on many factors. It is critical to stay within budget and take on an affordable mortgage. The calculator below will give you the monthly mortgage payment based on the property price, downpayment, interest rate, and amortization.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Property Price

%    $
Interest Rate (Annual)
Amortization (Years)
Monthly Payment
{{ monthlyPayment() | currency }}
Downpayment must be at least 5% and not more than 100%
Amortization cannot be 0, and cannot exceed 30 years (25 years for downpayments less than 20%)
Interest Rate cannot be 0 or exceed 100%

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