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The Home-Selling Process... Simplified

So, you've decided to sell your home! 

It is very important to stay informed, do careful planning, and take the correct steps throughout this process. This will save you a lot of time and money, and result in a sale in the shortest period of time. Let's go through what's necessary:

1) Prepare Yourself

   Sellers that are involved in a real estate transaction without enough knowledge often feel dissatisfied. To avoid seller's remorse, you must take the necessary steps to prepare yourself. Home selling is a big move, and good preparation and getting help is vital.

2) Prepare Your Home

   Start preparing your home in order to give it an edge over the competition when it gets listed. The simplest things to do include cleaning up clutter, re-organizing your furniture to maximize space, and making decoration changes to freshen up the home. In addition, you should do any required repairs or maintenance (i.e. patch any wall holes, new paint, etc...)

3) Plan Your Move

   Decide how you want to transition to a new home. If you sell your existing home before finding a new one, then you may find yourself in a tough spot if convenient closing dates cannot be negotiated. If you find your new home before selling your existing home, you may be in a situation of carrying two mortgages until your existing home is sold.

Why List With Me?

   My commitment when working with you to sell your home is to exceed your expectations. Connecting and understanding your needs and giving you the advice that you can count on is my top priority. Working with you is about being your consultant, and assisting in making your life easier and the selling process simpler. I strive in keeping my clients updated and informed, and making sure that I can be easily reached at any time. Beyond promoting and protecting your best interests, I am dedicated to building lifetime relationships. My goal is to help you make the right decisions, educate you along every step, and familiarize you with the real estate transaction.

   Furthermore, I endeavour to ease the burden and duration of the entire process, and put more money in your pocket. I am devoted to getting you the highest possible price, with the best possible terms, in the shortest amount of time. My familiarity and knowledge of the local real estate market is a key factor in our success and helping you achieve superior results. Even during market fluctuations, we will apply corrective strategies to ensure that your home is sellable in any type of market. You will leverage my sales experience, strong comparative analysis, strategic negotiations, and marketing to maximize property exposure. I am also well-connected with many other real estate salespeople who have access to many motivated buyers. Whatever the property type that you are selling, I will be by your side to help you achieve with that sale. As a highly-trained and active REALTOR®, I have confidence in my ability of finding you the right buyer for your home.

My Process

  1. FREE Home Valuation
    You can request a FREE no obligation home valuation. I will inform you of approximately how much your home is worth based on Comparative Market Analysis, and your property's features and upgrades.

    Upon Representation:
  2. Home Staging
    You will be informed of home-staging tips and things to focus on, in order to make your home appeal to more potential buyers.
  3. Listing
    I will provide you with advice on different considerations to help guide you in the right direction. We will choose the strategy that works best and your home will go on the market. There will also be a discussion on the next steps.
  4. Marketing
    We will compile a customized marketing plan in order to ensure maximum property exposure using both traditional and revolutionary ways.
  5. The Offer(s)
    We will review all the offers' details and determine the appropriate action and negotiation strategies. My duty is to make sure that you are getting the very best offer with the terms that suit you. Once an offer is accepted, I will manage all the details to ensure efficiency and a smooth transition to the next steps. Regular follow-ups with the buyer's agent will be maintained. I will be your advocate during the transaction, from the beginning to the end.
  6. The Lawyer
    You will meet with your lawyer for the legal paperwork. The discussion will cover the closing costs, legal fees, and discharging any mortgages.
  7. Moving Out
    Congratulations, the sale has closed! It is time to call the movers, change your address, set up mail forwarding, and contact all the utility companies to transfer service.


Call or email me and let’s talk. I will be more than happy to discuss and answer any questions that you may have. Let's start selling your property!

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