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The Home-Buying Process... Simplified

So you've decided that you want to purchase a home, that's a GREAT step! 

Owning a home is an exciting step, and an excellent investment in your future. It is also a great way to build the financial security for your family. But this process requires careful planning and taking the correct steps to ensure success and make you a happy homeowner. Let's go through what's necessary:

1) Clear Any Debts

   Debts, loans, and credit card balances have an impact on your debt-to-income ratio and consequently the mortgage amount that you will qualify for. It is best to pay off your outstanding credit card balance or keep it below 30% of the credit limit. The less cards with balances on them, the better, so combine the spending on one or two cards. Minimize other debts and try to pay off all large loans (i.e. car, student loans, etc...). Inquire about your credit score, and fix any credit errors quickly if something seems incorrect on the credit report.

2) Save The Downpayment

   Start saving for a downpayment. A minimum downpayment of 5% is typically required, but a larger percentage may be needed depending on your profile and the financial lender's criteria.

3) Get Pre-Approval

   It is best to understand how much you can afford prior to starting the home search. Save yourself the frustration from finding the perfect home but being unable to secure a mortgage within that price range. Shop around the different lenders, and get a good understanding of the available financing options. Get the mortgage pre-approval in order to understand the price range to search within, and to be ready when you find the home that you want. Most pre-approvals are good for 90 days.

4) Prepare Yourself

   Buyers that are involved in a real estate transaction without enough knowledge often feel dissatisfied. To be a happy homeowner and to avoid buyer's remorse, you must take the necessary steps to prepare yourself. Home ownership is likely your largest investment, and good preparation and getting help is vital.

Why Find Your Dream Home With Me?

   My commitment when working with you to buy your dream home is to exceed your expectations. Connecting and understanding your needs and giving you the advice that you can count on is my top priority. Working with you is about being your consultant, and assisting in making your life easier and the buying process simpler. I strive in keeping my clients updated and informed, and making sure that I can be easily reached at any time. Beyond promoting and protecting your best interests, I am dedicated to building lifetime relationships. My goal is to help you make the right decisions, educate you along every step, and familiarize you with the real estate transaction.

   Furthermore, I endeavour to ease the burden and duration of the entire process, and put more money in your pocket. I am devoted to getting you the lowest possible price, with the best possible terms, in the shortest amount of time. My familiarity and knowledge of the local real estate market is a key factor in our success and helping you achieve superior results. Even during market fluctuations, we will apply corrective strategies to ensure that you find the desired property at a reasonable price. You will leverage my sales experience, strong comparative analysis, strategic negotiations, and detailed property searches. I am also well-connected with many other real estate salespeople who have access to many motivated sellers. Whatever the property type that you desire, I will be by your side to help you find what meets your needs. As a highly-trained and active REALTOR®, I have confidence in my ability of finding you the perfect home.

My Process

  1. FREE Consultation
    You will receive a FREE no obligation consultation on the buying process. I will get you prepared and provide you with helpful knowledge and information. This will give you a better understanding on what's involved so you are not faced with hidden surprises later on. We will also discuss timing and the next steps.

    Upon Representation:
  2. Market Analysis
    You will be given a detailed snapshot on market conditions and regional statistics. The different options will be explored, and you will get my professional opinion on the different considerations.
  3. Exploring The Options
    We will discuss the various ownership options and property types available. This will clarify the best option, and correctly align the needs and wants. You will also be given a quick overview of the relative GTA communities, and the pros and cons of the different neighbourhoods.
  4. Reviewing The Finances
    I will give you information on property affordability, and the mortgage qualification process. We will have a good discussion on your budgets, and I will inform you of the other costs involved in home ownership.
  5. Property Search
    I will build up a portfolio of properties matching your criteria in terms of needs, wants, and financial situation. We will regularly go through all the available inventory so you do not miss out on great properties. I will make sure that we are browsing the right properties, and investigate the terms and conditions for each one to ensure a good match.
  6. The Offer
    Moving forward with an offer is the next step once you find your dream property. We will craft a rock-solid contract with the terms that both suit you and protect you. This is followed by negotiations to ensure that you are getting the very best deal. Once an offer is accepted, I will manage all the details to ensure efficiency and a smooth transition to the next steps. Regular follow-ups with the seller's agent will be maintained. I will be your advocate during the transaction, from the beginning to the end.
  7. The Lawyer
    You will meet with your lawyer for the legal paperwork. The discussion will cover the closing costs, mortgage application fees, legal fees, title insurance, and registration.
  8. Moving In
    Congratulations, the big day is finally here! It is time to call the movers, change your address, set up mail forwarding, and contact all the utility companies to transfer service.

Contact Me

Call or email me and let’s talk. I will be more than happy to discuss and answer any questions that you may have. Let's make your dream a reality!

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